Our Strategy

Calculated Outsourcing Fuels Drug Discovery and Development

At Cellectar, we recognize that sometimes the best and most effective way to produce both new and improved treatment options for cancer patients is through collaboration and execution of strategic business alliances. Doing so facilitates a path for efficiently and cost-effectively designing, researching, and advancing product candidates.

Iterative Screening Paradigm

Our unique approach allows us to rapidly and systematically screen multiple series’ of PDCs to produce optimal product candidates.

Strategic Drug Development

We are advancing an expanding pipeline of product candidates for diseases possessing clear unmet need. Our development efforts focus on product candidates with the potential for accelerated regulatory approval and commercialization. In addition to providing treatment options in areas of high unmet medical need, the company benefits from operating in highly scalable markets with limited competition, which reduces required commercial and medical investments and inherent risk.

Collaboration Engagement is Critical to Future Innovation and Growth

We assess identified and proposed collaboration(s) that will supplement internal resources, help us gain access to novel molecules for our PLEs, accelerate product candidate development and broaden our product pipeline. We expect some of these collaborations will generate near-term capital and result in opportunities for Cellectar to further expand its portfolio.

Almost 100 Years of Combined Healthcare Leadership